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Saturday, November 19, 2011

It wasn't a good day today

I just lost my 5 month old Sable doeling, Dehlia in a death so quick it took my breath away.  I had triple wormed her with Fir Meadow's wormer, followed that up weekly, had consulted my homeopathic vet about a cough that wouldn't go away, and finally took her to my local goat vet a few days ago.  She examined her, assured me she didn't have pneumonia, but that she did have a high worm load.  She was about a 3 on the FAMACHA scale.  The vet gave her injectible Ivomectin.  Her stools were finally normal, so I let her out today.   I walked into the barn this afternoon just in time to see her flop over at the feeder. She gave a bleat, and gasped a couple of times, and I felt down her throat to see if she had anything lodged there.  Nothing. No signal in the barn, so I had to run to the  house to call the vet.  WHY do cell phones not work when you need them the most? 

I tried percussion to keep her heart going, breathing down her nostrils.  Too late.  There was nothing I could do to save her.  The vet said it was probably a blood clot, and probably related to the heavy worm load.  That's her best guess since it was so quick.   Could a too-fast worm die-off be responsible?  I'll never know.

My brother came with his backhoe and helped me bury her.  Rest in peace little Dehlia Rose.

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