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Saturday, January 28, 2012

The pull of heartstrings

I sold Leah and Sanuba today.  Leah is a goofy girl, who settles down and becomes mellow after freshening, but she didn't fit into my new breeding program.  I'll miss her, but the strong attachment was just never there.  But Sanuba--oh, how I'm going to miss Sanuba.  She was my first kid. Beatrice fostered her, I watched her grow from the time she was a day old. She's become tall and queenly as she's matured.  As I milked her the past couple of days, I asked myself again and again why, oh why, did I agree to sell her?  Of course, the answer is that she doesn't fit into my breeding program either.  But she does give the best, the absolute best milk: sweet, creamy, wonderful milk.

I scratched Leah's neck a lot in the past few days, saying goodbye.  And I hugged Sanuba, my elegant, lovely Saanubian doe, hugged her and held my face close to her, my cheek on her neck, saying goodbye, I don't know how many times.  I will miss my beautiful Sanuba, but she'll be the milk goat for a family, she and Leah both.

Time to move on, to pursue my new endeavor.  Sables!  I have only two does now, Beatrice, a Saanen and Violet, a Sable, both from excellent milking bloodlines.  Despite the pull of heartstrings, the letting go of past joys, life is filled with new promise.  I'm looking forward to kids in the spring.