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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fostering: Accomplished.

The new kids are 2-1/2 weeks old now, and Violet well and truly is their mama.  She protects them when other goats threaten, she checks on them, and she feeds them.  It must be confessed that Violet is a rather laid-back mother.  She leaves her kids (whether born to her or fostered) and goes out to pasture, with hardly a glance backward.  However, she does come back periodically to check on them and feed them, and then it's back out to pasture again.  The kids don't mind.  They play happily and explore their new surroundings, extending their boundaries as they get braver.  When they're tired, they find a place to sleep, either outside or tucked away in their familiar stall.

Late last week, they moved out of the paddock area into the rocky area by the lower barn.  Oh, those rocks!  A goat's paradise for playtime!