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Friday, November 25, 2011

Idle Thoughts

Tuesday dawned to the bleatings and bellowings of Leah, my youngest doe.  Having just obtained a buck rag, rank with amorous pheremones, the night before, I offered it to my does.  My rule is:  if they sniff it and show no interest, they're not in heat; if they show interest enough to linger on it for a bit, they're either coming in or going out; and if they want to eat it, that's a standing heat.  Leah literally started chewing on the buck rag eagerly.

At 8:30 in the morning, she was in the back seat of the car, still bleating pitifully, and we were on the road to Thorndike, about a 35 minute drive.  No hesitation when we got to the Amish farm where my buck is housed.  She was bred several times as I conversed with the young Amishman -- I hesitate to say "boy", but he's only in his mid to late teens -- about horses, goats, and conformation.  An hour later, I loaded  her back in the car, and nary a peep out of her on the way home.  Nature is wonderful, and I have no doubt she settled.  I really don't want to keep Leah.  The goat market isn't all that good at the moment, and I'm hoping she'll be easier to sell if she's due to kid in the spring, particularly bred back to a Sable buck.

Sanuba looking over the gate
This evening I found a similar situation in the barn, only tonight it's Sanuba, who is being milked through.  I scratched her neck as she leaned against me.  Poor girl, she'll just have to deal with it.

I bit the bullet today and bought a digital video/still camera.  I lost (misplaced?) my Kodak digital camera that I bought 10 years ago, and after not being able to find it for several weeks, decided I had to replace it.  It's amusing, in crooked sort of way, (is that irony?) that my old camera cost me $527 when I bought it, a high quality, megapixel camera with both digital and soft zoom.  The new one, which can do soooo much more, including sharp video, was only $98!  Ah, technology!  It moves at an alll out gallop while I'm poking around in the barn.

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