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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Harvesting acorns

As my time with my goats is winding down, I've been making time to take walks with them.  This time, I headed up the lane to a spot that I knew was loaded with acorns.  I love my goats, the way they come when I call, and their willingness to trust and follow me everywhere. 

They were already out (of course), so when I started out it took no time at all for them to catch up.

Even though the leaves have turned, there's still plenty for them to browse, and they do love nibbling along the way. 

But oh, how they did love finding the acorns.  In fact, they discovered them before I could point them out. 

And what noises!  Snuffling, and searching, pushing aside leaves!  A treasure trove!

While they were scarfing them down, I collected a bag of acorns to feed later.  They were very appreciative.

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