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Friday, December 7, 2012

The Season (breeding season, that is)

Ike is gone.  I sold him to a local creamery as one of their herd sires.  He probably thinks he died and went to heaven.  My friend Charlie transported Ike in his truck and when Ike was turned loose with all those does! he was transported to a whole other place.

I know I have two pregnant does, Beatrice and Leah, but I'm still not sure about Violet.  The vet came out mid-November, but she didn't have anything definitive to say.  First she thought she saw a fetus, then she said no, and then she wasn't sure, because though she's ultrasounded dozens of horses, her experience with goats is minimal.  So, she said she'd be back in a couple of weeks, just to follow up for her own sake.  It's three weeks now, no vet.  I guess I'll have to see what happens come March.

Cassie, of course, is not bred.  She's too young, and the only Sable buck I had was her sire.  Maybe one of these days I'll be comfortable with inbreeding, but I'm not there yet. She might be ready to breed by the end of January, but I'm the only Sable breeder in the area, so she's got another year to grow.  I think I prefer that anyway.

And talking about breeding and herd sires, I've been talking to a breeder in Pennsylvania about getting one of her 2013 bucklings.  She's got lots of color in her herd, and my fingers are crossed for a Chamoisee, maybe even a doe.  Chamoisee isn't a common color in Sables, but I'd love to make it more common!

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