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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Tis the Season

Emily is just getting over her heat, having spent a delightful two days with Reverend Lee, and Leah is relaxing after putting up with Emily and Reverend Lee.  Emily has scurs, and though they weren't very big, they're definitely off now.  She butted heads with the buck, she butted heads with Leah, and I think she would have butted heads with herself if she'd known how.  She definitely let me know that it was time, and "I know exactly where that buck is, so don't try to hide him on me!"  I hope this time she settles.
Leah and Reverend Lee
No more tail wagging or plaintive cries from either doe, but Beatrice is very unhappy. Beatrice is in heat, complaining loudly because she has been separated in no uncertain terms from the buck.  Sanuba seems to have no interest whatsoever.  I hope that means she's bred, but having been fooled last year, I'm by no means certain.
My new Henry Milker has been shipped.  I've tried other milkers, with little success.  Check back to see my report on it.  I'm very hopeful, as my hands are pretty sore sometimes from arthritis.  I'll need to be improving my diet this year--getting back on mostly raw, alkalizing my body--but in the meantime, once my other does freshen, I'll need any help I can get! 

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