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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Easing into winter

Well...not easing, more like jumping.  Two days ago the ground fault interrupter on the receptacle for the stock tank started tripping.  Result:  frozen water.  So I decided to switch the heater, just to see if that's the problem and not the receptable or the wiring.  That one didn't even wait a few minutes; it just tripped the GFI as soon as I plugged it in.  It's 16°F today, which is considerably below the freezing point.  It's wonderful how failures like this never happen until the worst possible moment--or weather. 

Bucket shuffle!  Five gallon heated bucket came out of the Saanen does' stall so Angel could have water.  Extra two gallon bucket went into the stall.  I have to fill the 5-gallon bucket 2 or 3 times a day, but that sure beats carrying water from the house.  I take comfort where I can, and I'm very grateful right about now for that extra heated bucket.

The hay net continues to be a hit.  Beatrice and Leah chase everyone else away when they can.  Angel, of course, is too big for them to intimidate.  I'll be glad when I get a couple more NAG bags.  One is not enough to go around.

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