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Friday, December 16, 2011

Arrival at last!

Woohoo! My new Sable doe arrived tonight. My son Shawn drove to Kennebunk to pick up Patina EZ Violet.
I snapped several photos of her examining her new digs. Sanuba was lovesick--at the buckrag munching stage--and bleating in another stall, and for a few minutes, at least, Violet knew she wasn't alone. I just wish I'd thought to take a picture of her dressed in her sweatshirt that kept her warm and comfy on her long ride. 
The photos are grainy, as they were taken in the barn at night, but I'll take more tomorrow.  I'm so glad this doe has finally arrived.  I'd hoped to have Dehlia to keep her company, but that was not to be, so she'll be a little lonely until her quarantine period has expired.  
She's a substantial doe, with good bone and size, larger than I anticipated, bigger than Leah, who is about the same age.  Tomorrow morning I'll take more time to get to know her.  Right now she needs to just settle in and feel safe.


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