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Sunday, November 6, 2016

And then there were two...

Boerning's Fiore left yesterday.  He's such a beautiful boy.  I found myself looking at photos from when I first got him a year ago to now, and all the changes in between.  And how he has changed!

October 2015, a mere youngster

February 2016--winter fuzzies. Still looking like a very young buck.

November 2016.  He has really filled out and is showing the promise to come.

Last adventure before leaving.  Fiore really did not like staying in the pasture when there were places to be explored.
As I look at his development, I am sure that when he matures, he'll be a truly spectacular buck.  His first daughter will freshen in the spring, and then we'll see if he brings his dam's superb production capacity to his daughter, Hermione.  Of course, her dam, Crooked Shade Dandelion, is not shabby in the production line either, but what Fiore gave his daughter so far is the width to make that capacity more comfortable for the doe.  Hopefully, Hermione will be far more comfortable walking with a full udder.

Technically, Fiore is still mine.  I have leased him to Noelle Lueck of Recurado Farm.  Noelle is delighted to have him, and I am thrilled that he'll have such a good home, where he will be much appreciated.

It was relatively uneventful, really.  My friend Charlie came with his buckmobile and after only a moment's hesitation, Fiore jumped in.  A handful of grain didn't hurt as a persuader, either.

Once the car started moving, Fiore lay down and relaxed for the hour-long ride.  When we got to the meeting place, Hussey's General Store in Windsor, he continued lying down chewing cud while we all exchanged pleasantries and talked goats and politics.  When the time came to make the switch, he jumped out of the car, to the delight of some of the patrons of Hussey's, and walked calmly to Keith's van, where he took a quick look and hopped right in. 

Is there something back there?

 Hay, yum!  Those Luecks really know how to set a goat table!

Tying him in.

A last goodbye.
Keith and Noelle, ready to roll.
And then he was gone.

When I got home, I took Leah and Hal for a walk up to the acorns, and they came, but hesitantly at first.  It was Fiore that always led the way.  Today, they wouldn't venture from the pasture gate, not even to gather acorns.  They're not comfortable being just two.  Soon Leah will go to Charlie's and Hal will join Leo as his companion.  Perhaps being in larger herds will bring back their sense of security. Goats need lots of companions.

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