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Thursday, August 11, 2016

The grass is always greener...variations on a theme.

I've said it before--may goats are a source of great amusement for me.  Even in the most seemingly mundane situations, they can find a way to make me smile, and even laugh.

Take feeding time, for example.  I measure out their grain and after they get grain, I give them Chaffhaye,  fermented alfalfa, like haylage in a bag.  Sometimes they want more grain, sometimes they want more Chaffhaye, but always, they want what's in the other doe's feeder because it has to be better.

I lock them in the headstalls for milking, but when I'm done and they seem to be finished eating, I release the headstalls and then watch.

On this particular day, Dandy started out on the smaller stanchion and D'Arcy was on the right, on the larger stanchion.  It's usually the other way around, but I guess they just wanted a change.  Pay close attention:  Dandy has the blue collar, D'Arcy has the yellow.

Dandy has finished her gain and now has some Chaffhaye.

D'Arcy is still working on hers.

"Hey!  What do you have over there that I don't have?"
Released. Now to see what's in the other feeder.
D'Arcy is looking around on the floor for anything interesting.  Dandy has immediately gone to D'Arcy's feeder, which contains exactly the same feed that she just left in her own.
D'Arcy, who left her Chaffhaye, has discovered Dandy's.
Yum!  This tastes sooo much better than what I had!
Dandy agrees.

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