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Friday, January 30, 2015


            What a beautiful night! It’s still and dark, with a glow that lights up the surroundings.  A light snow is falling, and all is quiet and hushed.  Even my footsteps were muffled in the soft snow.  As I returned from the barn after feeding, I stood outside the door for a few long moments, drinking it in. Instead of taking off my coat and hat as I entered, I called to Zoë and out we went again.  She was on an extendible lead; I could barely see her against the snowy driveway.  We walked about half way up the lane, pausing every now and then for her to sniff and explore and for me to drink in the stillness.  I imagined a white scratch board, just hints of outlines of trees and branches.  I haven’t done a scratchboard in years, haven’t thought of one for almost as long, but the scene cried for a deft hand.  Not mine, I think, but the image hung in the air. 

            Reluctantly I turned and we headed back to the farm; I can’t leave my mother alone too long, but the walk refreshed my soul.

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