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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Offally good

I was at a friend's house a few weeks ago, and she offered me a few organ meats, called offal in other locales, to take home:  liver, heart, and tongue, to be specific.  I gladly accepted.  My grandparents were farmers, and they wasted nothing.  Scrapple and head cheese were common fare, and I loved second helpings on kidneys and liver.

Yesterday found me in a bit of a quandry.  What should I cook for supper?  I betook myself to the freezer to ponder the situation.  Aha!  Tongue!  Just the thing!  I dumped it unceremoniously into a pot and covered it with water.  When it had cooked enough to thaw, I emptied the water, stuck a few cloves in various locations, cut up and onion and a carrot, and added a couple of fresh bay leaves and some dried thyme. 

Cooking tongue

The afternoon turned out to be a bit hectic, so I picked up a pizza for a quick meal and let the tongue simmer all evening.

Today I reheated the tongue, pulled off the skin, then sliced it and served it with potatoes and a horseradish mustard. As I savored every bite, I thought of my friend gratefully  

Sliced and ready to serve
Ahhh!  Her loss, my gain.  I'm so glad for my rural roots.


  1. Whooee! Glad to see someone else using the very nutritional and tasty offal bits!

  2. Too funny! "Offally" good! I'm sure it was good. I haven't tried tongue but I love chicken hearts! Your little goats are adorable.


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