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Sunday, February 10, 2013

The aftermath

The day dawned bright and cold, with only a little wind.  Yesterday’s gales had packed the powdered snow into swirls and eddies,, drifts here and bare spots there.
Enlarge to see the beautiful swirls and patterns from the wind close up

The wind blows lovely patterns.

 I dug my way to the barn last night and finished the job this morning.  A high drift sits just in front of the side door of the barn, 

while the wind completely cleared the area in front of the big doors, so that when I opened them, the horses were able to go out onto dry ground.  
 I should have put out the hay in the barn before I opened the doors, though, because Magic immediately headed for the gates and the space under the barn, Angel following slowly behind her.  The goats, too, were happy to be out.  I put out some hay and returned to the house.

Later, after the driveway had been plowed, I went out again to clear the pathways, check on the poultry, and see if the horses had returned for their hay.  They hadn't, and the goats had followed.  The only response when I called was nickers from under the barn.  Oh well.  Out I tromped through the snow, hoping they'd made a good enough path that I wouldn't sink in.  Wishful thinking!  I struggled through the deep snow until I got to the rise above, Zoë ahead of me, struggling through .  
Under the barn.  They had to break through the drift to get there.
A huge drift blocked the barn area, but all was clear before it.  Why they plowed through that drift to get underneath is a mystery to me, but there they all were, goats completely underneath, and horses on the outside edge. I called again and Angel pushed past Magic, eager to follow me and return to the barn.  I scooped up Zoë so she wouldn't get trampled, for now Magic bounded up, scattering snow everywhere.  She danced back to the barn, shaking her head in high spirits.  
Magic waiting for me.

I left them there and came in.  The goats turned up eventually.  They had to brace themselves for the trek back, and hugged the clear area by the barn.
The herd

Snow is rumbling off the roof in small avalanches.  This week's forecast is for warmer weather and rain.  Everything will turn to ice at night and make it impossible to walk or drive.  I can hardly wait!

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