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Friday, January 14, 2011

Hay feeders at last!

Beatrice and Sanuba at the stall feeder
 I finally got around to making feeders a few weeks ago.  Why I put it off for so long, I'll never know.  Previously, I was feeding hay with haynets, and I'd untangled goat heads and legs a couple of times.  The possibilities for problems seemed to be lurking just around the corner.  What a difference it's made!  Hay waste has gone waaaay down, and stress levels among the four goats seem to have waned as well.  The stall feeder is straight up and down, while the walk-in feeder (they can come and go from outside to barn) is slanted.  I really haven't seen a great deal of difference in waste between the two of them.  Since there's plenty of room for each goat to get to the feeders, they aren't trying to chase each other off nearly as often.
The things you can make out of spare pallets!  Life is good.
Walk-in feeder, front view


Walk-in feeder, side view

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  1. The search for the perfect feeder! I've been there, I am still refining my feeders for minimizing waste and your feeder looks a lot like my hubby's most successful design. Still a lot of waste but definitely better than throwing it on the ground!


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