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Saturday, February 6, 2010

A walk through the snow

It's been a few days since it snowed,  but I finally remembered that I had taken some photos.  Snow looks so lovely from a distance, both temporally and spatially.
Picture Perfect Snow

                   Plenty of Snow to shovel!

The animals seem to do very well in the snow.  Well...maybe he geese had their second thoughts.

Magic watches over the fence.  Hey!  Where's my treat?

How a goat gets a dirty nose in the snow is a mystery to me, but goats are interesting beings, with talents only suspected by the likes of us humans.

And after the day is over, the twilight comes, the snow starts gently falling once again, and peace lies over the land.

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  1. Beautiful pictures. Beautifully written posts. So close in so many ways to my own view of the world, and very different in some.


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